jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2007

about me

Welcome to my personal website and portfolio.

There is a connotation between the photographic image and memory. Light enters the camera through the lens and is exposed and written onto the film, just as light enters through the eye and is processed and stored in the brain. But there is a fundamental difference between photography and the biological human experience. An image produced photographically is not the capturing of a moment in time but the replication of its light specific elements- what provides us with is a mechanical stimulus for memory. With technological aid it is possible to view the cellular structure of our bodies and to gaze into the extreme dephts of the universe. However, the only limit to what we see is our imagination.

I´m the kind of photographer that likes to take pictures of people, and I´m trying to improve my sensibility day by day to let myself go deeper in their intimate image.

I´m born in Madrid (Spain) in 1977.